The Rooms

The Rooms: which colour do you like?

We believe that each room should have theme, a mood, a feeling, where colour is used to great effect, to reflect individual tastes and preferences of the occupants, a place where one can feel safe, secure and relaxed.

Most rooms are located on the first floor (one above ground level). There is no lift and disabled access is possible in the one remaining bedroom which is situated on the ground floor.

We do try to assist and support people with mobility problems and remember their needs by situating one bedroom at ground floor level and making sure that the pool can be reached via a gently sloping pathway.


The Vine Room: The Master’s Room

The Vine room is painted sage green and was once the bedroom used by the master of the house. A sunny room from dawn to dusk and is decorated with frescos in a vine leaf decoration.

This vine decoration might have celebrated the move of the family from Sicily to Tuscany. The vine symbolises strength and the promise of good fruit.

The Vine Room has a very large private bathroom with a window, shower, whirlpool bathtub, bidet, double bed with storage drawers underneath, king size bed measuring 170x200 cm, two bedside tables, chest of drawers and wardrobe.


The Pink Room: the Relaxing Room

They say that pink increases a woman’s intuition and helps men to better understand – do you agree?

Having the property to relax the mind, remove negative tensions and to be at a ‘oneness’ with a companion.

The upholstery was chosen to contrast with the soft colour of the walls, to give the room a more distinctive character and to emphasize the rosy morning lights which come in here before reaching the other rooms.

The Pink Room has a large private bathroom with shower and bidet, double bed with storage drawers underneath, king size bed measuring 170x190 cm, two bedside tables and wardrobe.


The Yellow Room: the Room of the Sun

The yellow room identifies with the sun – brightness and enlightenment.

Inspiring joy, happiness, a feeling of well-being, gold-like and symbolising spiritual and material wealth.

When opening the balcony windows in the morning, the sunshine makes this room quite unique.

The Yellow and Blue rooms share a bathroom – this very large with a whirlpool bathtub, bidet. A further advantage of the yellow room is its flexibility, being either double or twin bedded.

Single beds measure 85x200 cm and are equipped with storage drawers underneath, two bedside tables, wardrobe and balcony.


The Green Room: the Room of Nature

Green we think is a relaxing colour, it relieves tension and symbolises the colour of Spring, the awakening of the planet and of the senses.

Green is also a colour favoured by the world of magic – maybe fairies come in at night and rest in some hidden corner. There is an overall sense of brightness which echoes the light which filters through the canopy of the trees.

The Green Room has a private bathroom with whirlpool shower and bidet. It has a king size bed measuring 170x190 cm equipped with storage drawers underneath, two bedside tables, wardrobe and a balcony.


The Blue Room: the Room of the Sea

The blue room mirrors the sky and the sea – maybe the Mondello family introduced this colour as a magical memory of the ocean.

The colour of the mind, of reasoning, of a spirit bring deep yet meditative quiet. Those who love this colour admire its honesty and mystery.

The upholstery in this room deepens the colour of the walls, giving a feeling of simple elegance.

The Blue Room has a shared bathroom (with The Yellow Room) equipped with whirlpool bathtub, bidet and window. It has twin beds measuring 85x200 cm with storage drawers underneath – which can be changed into one double bed, two bedside tables and a wardrobe.


The Red Room: the Room of Passion

The Red Room, love, passion and sensua lity.

We decided to embrace and enhance it with the preciou sness of damask and the gold of the blankets, curtains and a canopy rising up above the bed, giving this room a regal look completely different from the others.

The feeling you get when entering this room is that you are going back to a different period, feeling that you are becoming different in turn. Close the door and let yourself be lulled by imagination!

The Red Room is located on the ground floor, has an external private bathroom with whirlpool shower, bidet and window. It has a king size bed measuring 170x200 cm equipped with storage drawers underneath, two bedside tables, wardrobe and chest of drawers.







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“Villa Mondello where holidays are perfect!

BEST CHOICE! Location: 50 km from Florence.
Big yard with big trees and a beautiful garden.

Pool: very good temperature! Safe for kids,a lot of toys and games at the pool were available!  View: Amazing!

We truly recomand this place!
Next time we want 2 weeks for sure!

Adrian C.

“Wonderful and very beautiful villa!!!

The pictures are correct. The rooms are spacious and very elegant and large, the gardens of the villa are marvelous.

Other than the fact that we couldnt use the pool, the villa is amazing and the owner is great and gave us wonderful recomendations!

Would love to go back there!!!

Lilach K.

“We were a party of 6 adults and one small child.
The villa is beautiful, very large grounds to explore.
The pool area is great to go and relax, and the large balcony areas off the kitchen/dining room were great for dining out too (breakfast, dinner). Our 3 year old enjoyed his stay too, searching for small lizards, using the small playground in the village, and discovering this ‘castle’.
Views are expansive, price was excellent for our requirements (reduced rate when using 4 out of 6 rooms). Francesca was always very accommodating and helpful throughout”.