Communal Area

Entrance to the Villa

As you leave the villa, you see the beautiful green and lush landscape which extends as far as the eye can see – all those who visit are fascinated by this wonderful view.

This is the beautifully decorated hallway which leads to the upstairs rooms. For the moment, we just give a quick glance and promise to return later to explore that floor.

It is great to return to the villa after a day of sightseeing and to luxuriate and relax – maybe watch a film or possibly just rest after a strenuous day.

We have spared little in our quest for fittings and furnishings, antique chandeliers – choosing all to suit the spirit and ambiance of the villa.

We have tried to give an ‘Italian’ feel to the kitchen, where guests can find plenty of workspace and equipment.

This is the biggest room in the house, with splendidly decorated walls and a beautiful central ceiling decoration.

Sit in front of the fire and watch dinner being prepared by one of the other guests. The kitchen is so well equipped we are sure that a great meal is forthcoming – you might even be motivated to help!

There is a huge table – space for everybody and this beautiful piece of furniture was designed and handmade specially for the villa.

A door leads outside the kitchen, directly onto the veranda – to ‘la Meridiana’.

The Meridiana

On the east side of the house, where the sun rises, there is La Meridiana (The Meridian). This is a veranda, a work of art in metal made by blacksmith-artist Roberto Magni. It is truly fabulous.

This is an art-nouveau structure and was built to reflect and support the historic garden.

As the sun rises in the sky you will see the coloured panes that mark the hours light up – we recommend that you sit here in the morning, while having breakfast – the play of light and colour will make a fascinating start to your day.

Living Room

The hall offers wide vistas through three windows which give views of the park, the stone staircase and the castles of Borgo alla Collina and Romena.

The room is large (75mq) and it can hold 100 people standing from a buffet or 50-60 people sitting. There are also 2 adjoining rooms that can be used, seating around 40 people.

It is especially suitable for parties, receptions, dancing and general meetings – there is a large hand crafted table for your use – beautiful and unique pieces specially made for this villa.

This is how the hall looks like from the outside – completely surrounded by the park and full of natural light.

The panoramic terrace

The spacious terrace enjoys the morning sunshine while in the afternoon it is comfortably shaded and a wonderful place from which to admire the landscape.

The terrace offers a wonderful panorama – one can admire the green vista for hours…

You will never forget a sunshine breakfast on our beautiful terrace.

Here you overlook the pool which is privately and beautifully situated to the rear of the villa – shall we enjoy this together?

Swimming pool

A pathway leads from the villa to the pool – crossing the well-tended grassland and fruit trees.

Spending time by the pool and being absorbed by the beautiful scenery is so very relaxing – it is hard to resist the temptation to dive in!

Close by is the pool house, a beautiful timber structure measuring 30m sq which includes a veranda, a kitchen, bathroom with shower and a changing room.

As you relax near the pool, you will see and be able to use and enjoy the high quality and comfortable sun beds – looking upwards, you will admire the handsome facade of Villa Mondello.

The swimming pool is privately located to the rear of the villa and is a perfect place to enjoy the water and to relax.

We chose a pool with Roman steps, a whirlpool area and a counter-current swimming area – perfect for training. The pool measures 12m X 6m.

It is an infinity edge pool, where the water level blends with the horizon and surrounding vegetation.



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About us on TripAdvisor

“Villa Mondello where holidays are perfect!

BEST CHOICE! Location: 50 km from Florence.
Big yard with big trees and a beautiful garden.

Pool: very good temperature! Safe for kids,a lot of toys and games at the pool were available!  View: Amazing!

We truly recomand this place!
Next time we want 2 weeks for sure!

Adrian C.

“Wonderful and very beautiful villa!!!

The pictures are correct. The rooms are spacious and very elegant and large, the gardens of the villa are marvelous.

Other than the fact that we couldnt use the pool, the villa is amazing and the owner is great and gave us wonderful recomendations!

Would love to go back there!!!”

Lilach K.

“We were a party of 6 adults and one small child.
The villa is beautiful, very large grounds to explore.
The pool area is great to go and relax, and the large balcony areas off the kitchen/dining room were great for dining out too (breakfast, dinner). Our 3 year old enjoyed his stay too, searching for small lizards, using the small playground in the village, and discovering this ‘castle’.
Views are expansive, price was excellent for our requirements (reduced rate when using 4 out of 6 rooms). Francesca was always very accommodating and helpful throughout”.